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Danni Andrew,
Author, Artist, Video Blogger

Danni Andrew started painting when she was fourteen years old. Her classes in oil painting started with learning Southwestern landscape and then Native American pottery. She would learn from the areas best artists and honed her skills as a fine artist for over forty years before branching out to learn the skills in acrylic pouring and Dutch pouring. Miniature art is a skill all in it's own and in 2018 Danni began to learn this skill as well. Danni's artwork is available on these pages for all to see. Thank you.  

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Video Blog - Artistic Journey
Oil Painting, Dutch Pour, Color Flow, Creating. Art is one of my favorite things to do. I started creating a video blog called, Art - A Journey to Discovery. As these videos continue they will document the journey an artist takes learning how to paint. There is no cost, simply follow along. Click on the button below. 
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