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Blog - Artistic Journey | Danniandrew Artist In Oil Painting And Acrylic Pouring


Learn how to put create a paint pallet, which paint brushes are correct for oil painting versus acrylics. How to prepare your canvas for painting and many more skills as an artist. We will also explore Dutch Pouring and other art forms with my viewers. I will share a new video as often as I can on my YouTube channel. Stay tuned. 

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Art 101 Creating an Acrylic Pallet

Art Class 101 Mixing Oil Paint

Blog - Artistic Journey | Danni Andrew Artist In Oil Painting And Acrylic Pouring - An Art Video Blog - Join us to learn how to paint whether  you like to paint in oils or acrylics. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or advanced, you will learn something. I do basic landscape and still life teaching the skills you need to know to become an accomplished artist. I have been an artist for over forty years and have been teaching for over twenty years. All classes are online via my YouTube channel and there is no cost. I only ask that if you see something you like you go to the Bookstore or gallery and purchase it to support the effort. 

I also do demonstration/teaching of #colorflow and #dutchpouring. These canvas are all for sale too and are available on the website which is our sister website. I use this website as my for sale website. If you are interested, click HERE. You will go to my Video Blog.

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Art Class Invite

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