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Slowly I slid to the floor as I watched the policeman buckle my children into the backseat of his police car, close the door and drive away. The knock on my door had startled me as I was not expecting anyone. As I lay on the floor contemplating taking every pill in the bottles strewn across my bathroom countertop, I opened my eyes and surveyed the disaster before me. How had this happened?  Slowly getting to my feet I found the box of unopened trash bags and sat down amidst the piles of dirty clothes, trash and dog poop. I had to at least try. It took me eight days to clean the house and get my kids back. Nineteen years later my home is clean, my children are grown. This one incident started me on the road to recovery from victim to victory. I am not a doctor, I am a survivor of mental illness.

Danni Andrew has written a very personal, very poignant account of her life. It has not been an easy life, yet Danni painted a picture showing that you can move from despair to determination, from victim to victor. Being Bipolar Doesn't Have to be Depressing is far more than the story of an overcomer. It is a tool box filled with information, inspiration, and instructions. It is a resource that everyone who struggles with bipolar disease, or knows someone that does, should read. You will find hope and encouragement in Danni's story. Gerry Wakeland, President, CLASSEMINARS, Inc.

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10-Stars! A Compelling, eye-opening, God affirming, hope-filled MUST READ!
This compelling personal 'tell it like it is' read which doctors, all who support and those dealing Bipolar Disorder or any of the myriad of possible accompanying issues ‘Must Read’ is groundbreaking! Having dealt with my own issues, while I interned and work in a hospital's Dually Diagnosed Psychiatric Unit in the 80's and later with teenage girls in a family setting once removed from their homes by the state due to abuse, I'm amazed by and applaud, Danni Andrew's groundbreaking work!

Until reading Danni Andrew's eye-opening, God affirming, hope-filled memoir, I had thought the best I could suggest for those seeking a book filled with answers was to suggest they read Clinical Psychologist’s Kay Redfield Jamison’s personal experience with bipolar disorder, titled “An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness” since this book details her experience with the disorder since her early adulthood.

Paula Rose Michelson has released two short self-help Lamb Ministries Biblical recovery for women suffering from trauma and abuse. Other books include inspirational Christian romance, psychological suspense thrillers, nonfiction, memoir and works to encourage. Her Kindle eBooks and paperbacks are available on Amazon. 

Mental Health Moments:
Coloring, Journaling, and Reading

Mental Health Moments: Journal, Coloring Pages and
Anonymous Quotes

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Twelve Ways to Beat Depression is an Ebook which outlines what you can do to make living with bipolar disorder and depression easier to live with. This book can be ordered in paperback as well. 

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Home ownership has always meant success to me, or perhaps it was a deeper need to belong somewhere. My search began in the want ads and a home in need of repair was a challenge I considered myself worthy of. Assisting my mom with many home repair projects qualified my thoughts as I dreamed of the beautiful home I would own. I signed the papers and blindly went to work fixing up my “home.” My life was about to come tumbling down around me, sometimes when life is turned upside down perhaps it is actually being turned right side up.

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