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Etsy Coaching - This class is a one on one class which will help you continue to build your Etsy store. We will:


  • Continued help with questions on setting up your store.
  • Taxes. Taxes are easy and should be a quick question and answer session.
  • Apps: Pinterest - how to ?
  • Social media - Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram.
  • How often should I post to social media?
  • Any other question that pops up during the initial session(s). I will keep notes of your questions as we go through the initial session.
  • This session must come after Etsy 101 - I will not do coaching if you have not gone through at least Etsy 101. It is preferred that you go through both Etsy 101 and the pre-work.
  • This class may take more than one session to finish, do not schedule more than one session at a time as sessions are non-refundable, unless you know you will need more than one class. 


Once you have paid for your class(es) you will be directed to the class scheduler. Classes are held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays and some Saturdays. If you need times outside of those days, please let me know and I will find a time that works for you. 

Etsy Training - Coaching

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