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Etsy 101 - This class is a one on one class which will help you set up your very first Etsy store. We will:


  • Open your store.
  • Set your preferences.
  • Set your pictures.
  • Create a listing.
  • Step by step on how to create a physical item. I don't typically do digital items, but it is something we can figure out. 
  • We will also make sure your item is set up with the proper key words, shipping and everything you need for one item by the time you are finished with our training, unless you choose to choose an option for continued help. This will vary depending on each persons business, what type of product(s) you are selling and how many questions come up. 
  • Each session is $30 for fifty minutes even if the session ends a few minutes early. Sessions cannot go over due to subsequent sessions being scheduled after it.
  • This class may take more than one session to finish, do not schedule more than one session at a time as sessions are non-refundable. You may sign up for more than one class at a time if you know you will need more than one class at a time. 


Once you have paid for your class(es) you will be directed to the class scheduler. Classes are held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays and some Saturdays. If you need times outside of those days, please let me know and I will find a time that works for you. 


Etsy Training 101

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