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Etsy 102 - This class is a one on one class which will help you determine if the items you want to sell are a viable option for selling on Etsy. We will:


  • This includes pre-sessions for prepping your business to see if what you want to sell is a viable option. These sessions will include a look at what you want to sell and a good look at what is already on Etsy and what those items are selling for to see what is already out there. 
  • We will look at your price point vs. the price point of the items that are already out there and determine if what you are asking is viable.
  • We can also determine what you are buying to make the product vs what it will sell for to see if the item is worth trying to sell. I don't want to try to deter you, but I had to re-evaluate my shop and some of the items I was selling and it actually made my shop a better shop and more profitable. 
  • Sometimes items will sell better in person than they will on Etsy, we have to be willing to be flexible. 
  • This class may take more than one session to finish, do not schedule more than one session at a time as sessions are non-refundable. Only sign up for more than one class at a time if you are certain you want more than one class.  
  • This class is the beginng session and can be taken after Etsy 101 or Etsy coaching, but it is recommended to be taken prior to either.


Once you have paid for your class(es) you will be directed to the class scheduler. Classes are held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays and some Saturdays. If you need times outside of those days, please let me know and I will find a time that works for you. 

Etsy Training - Pre-Work

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